To be accepted for membership we ask that a representative from your club, and any of your members, attend one of our bi-monthly BOD Meetings. You will be asked to submit the Membership Application and to endure a brief Q&A session where we can ask you questions about your club and you can ask us questions as well. Following the Q&A Session the current Member Club delegates will vote to accept your club as Provisional Members pending completion of the application process which involves one of the NEA4WDC delegates or officers attending one of your sanctioned club runs. They will just be confirming that your club appears to adhere to the mission and principles of the Association. Providing your club does meet the requirements, the delegates will vote to bring you on as Full Members. Although that might all seem intimidating, we have yet to turn a club away that applied for membership

Although the following doesn’t hinder your acceptance into the Association, we do highly recommend that your club is incorporated in the state you are headquartered in, or at least be in the process of incorporating. We also highly recommend that your club have a decent set of By-Laws, or at least be working on the composition of them.

Download the Membership Application

NEA4WDC Membership Dues

Membership dues are $10 per member with a minimum of $250 for 25 members then $10 for each additional member over this 25 member base.
For example, the dues for a club with up to and including 25 members is $250.
Dues for a club with 30 members would be $250 plus $10 X 5 additional members for a total of $300.

So what does your club get for joining the NEA4WDC?

Unification with the other Member Clubs throughout the Northeast that have chosen to be a part of the Association.

Opportunity for land/trail swaps with Member Clubs and access to NEA4WDC-exclusive properties.

Access to 4WD events hosted by other clubs, etc. and participate in Association events which are not open to the public.

Access to General Liability Insurance for your events. If you have a landowner who requires that you have insurance to use their land or your club is hosting an event that requires insurance, we can help you do that. With insurance for 4WD motorized recreation presenting itself as a scarce reality on a national level, we consider it a great benefit that we can offer coverage for our members at such a reasonable cost.

A broad voice for land use battles and pro-motorized recreation within your state. We have Land Committees that are taking on local, state, and federal agencies to initiate legislation, establish multi-use motorized recreation organizations, and more.

If we haven’t answered all of your questions and you would like more information about joining the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs, please contact us!