Paypal can be used to pay for NEA4WDC events and to make donations OR mail your check made payable to the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. to NEA4WDC, PO Box 67, Weare NH, 03281. All donations are considered unrestricted unless told otherwise so please mark your donations to correspond with the fund you wish to contribute.

The following is a list of fund options:

To donate to the Florida Road Fund click here.

NEA4WDC Trails Fund: Money collected for the General Trails Fund will be used for maintenance, acquisition, or any other necessary expenses related to land the Association is working on.
Access-4-All Program Fund:
Money collected will go towards vehicle maintenance, equipment, administrative and operating costs for the program.
General Fund:
Money collected will go towards offsetting the administrative and operating costs for the Association.
Travel Fund:
Money collected will go towards travel expenses to attend national conventions and meetings that focus on fighting for our sport.
Land Acquisition Fund:
Money collected will go into a savings-type account to be used towards purchasing our own land and other land acquisition related expenses.

New Land Acquisition Fund

The members of the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. voted to implement a Land Acquisition Fund.

One of the main goals of the NEA4WDC is to acquire and maintain land, both public and private, to provide places to recreate on responsibly, thereby reducing illegal wheeling practices. We have worked intimately with many landowners to create agreements for use of their land in exchange for providing them with maintenance work, revenue-generating opportunities, and more. We have developed and maintained these relationships with the landowners for quite some time. Our members have participated in various land use courses, have been appointed and volunteered to hold positions on state trail commitee boards, and other land use-related activities. Throughout the years we have orchestrated numerous clean-up and land maintenance events on both public and private land.

As many are aware, land-both public and private-can come and go at any time and we are constantly seeing recreational areas closed down. We can no longer put all of our eggs in one basket and we need to start seeking out our own opportunities to purchase and own land for our specific purposes. As with anything in life, we cannot accomplish much without some sort of financial investment. For this purpose we have instituted the Land Acquisition Fund. The objectives of the fund are to purchase land and perhaps have a nest egg for maintenance or leverage opportunities with landowners.

The opening deposit is via a very generous donation from one of our member clubs, Deep Woods Extreme. Deep Woods Extreme hosts an annual 4WD Truck Show & Rock Crawl Competition and since the inception of the event they have donated a portion of the proceeds to the NEA4WDC. Deep Woods Extreme is also one of the founding member clubs of the NEA4WDC.

Donations will be graciously accepted from individuals, organizations, businesses, etc.  Receipts can be provided upon request. Please be sure to mark all donations for the Land Acquisition Fund so it will be applied appropriately.

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